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Shopping at Pet-Needs ®: Comfortable - Fast - Safe

Shopping at Pet-Needs ® is really easy, fast and comfortable. Furthermore we guarantee optimal security for the payment by using modern SSL-encryption.

How it works:


1) Selecting products in the shop - Selecting & adding to the cart

Choose the product you would like to buy from our large range of products and add it to the cart by simply clicking on the cart-symbol :

If you did not specify the amount, the system automatically chooses 1 item.


There is a larger picture and a more detailed description for each product.

You can also add articles to the cart from the detail-view or from the dia-show, which generates random articles from the sub-categories.


As soon as you add an article to the cart, you will get informed about the content of your cart at the top right of the page.


So you always know what your cart contains. You also see the total value of all selected products.

All products contained in the cart can of course be deleted or you can change the amount you want to buy. The selected products do not oblige you to buy them.


You can go on shopping and select further products by using the menu. Only when clicking on the button 'Check out' you will be prompted to register (new customers) or to log in (existing account) to complete the process of ordering.

Please remember to add a delivery address, where there will be someone to accept the goods at delivery (Neighbour, aso.) For Vienna and surroundings the delivery will normally take place within 12 hours!


2) The cart - Change the amount to buy, check out & redeeming vouchers

The cart is your shopping note during while shopping. The cart contains a list with all articles you selected for buying within the shop.

You can change the amount of each article at any time by typing in a new number in the amount field and by clicking on the update button . If you want to delete a product just click on the waste basket symbol .

In the shopping cart you can also see the total value of the selected articles. You will only see the detailed total costs for shipping for your region after clicking on the button 'Check out' and having logged in/ registered. This is due to the fact that these costs vary depending on the weight and the region you want them to be sent to.


Someone gave you a voucher for Pet-Needs ®?

Enter the exact code of the voucher in the appropriate field and click on 'redeem', the value of the voucher will be subtracted from the total value of your purchase. Please always have a look at the special conditions for redeeming the voucher, like minimum order value or expiry date. It is not possible to get the value of a voucher in cash or to have it credited for orders that have already been placed.


Clever payment

All customers choosing direct debit will get a 2% cash discount on the net value of their purchase (order value minus all other discounts).

At the moment direct debit is only possible within Austria.


You can reach the cart by clicking on the button 'Check out' which is located under the cart at the top right of the page.

You can switch between the shop and the cart as often as you like to change the amount of articles or to add new ones.

If you have finished shopping, click on 'Check out' at the top right of the page.

The articles ordered will only be dispatched after getting a payment confirmation, and if all ordered articles are on stock.


3) Your registration at Pet-Needs ®

After having selected the articles you want to buy, 'Check out' by clicking on the symbol 'Check out'. This is where you will have to enter your ordering and payment date und trigger the order by clicking on the button 'Order'.

You have to register/ log in in order to place the order. Registered customers can log in by typing in their e-mail address and password in the appropriate fields.

New customers have to register with their e-mail address and will get to the form for all order and payment data.

You can also send us a fax or letter with your order. For this purpose you will find a printable form which you just need to fill in and print out, then send it to us. You will find our address and fax number on the form.


4) Check out and place the order

We recommend all our customers to choose a personal password of minimum 5 to maximum 10 characters when registering. The longer the password, the harder it is to crack it. If possible you should not choose a password easy to find out (e.g. name of your pet or persons related to you), and it should contain letters and numbers.

When placing your next order simply enter you e-mail address and your personal password to log in. If you forgot your password fill in your e-mail address in the field 'E-mail address' and you will automatically get your password sent by e-mail.

Now you can enter your billing and delivery address as well as the payment data into the form.

All these data will be handled confidentially by Pet-Needs ® and will not be forwarded to third persons. We only pass on your address and phone number to our shipping partner so that the parcel(s) will get to you and the parcel carrier can contact you, should you not be at home.

Furthermore we use modern SSL-encryption to guarantee optimal security.

After entering the payment data, only the last numbers of your credit card or bank account will be displayed.

You have the possibility to enter a different delivery address than the billing address. So you can for example have the articles sent to relatives or friends as some present or have the articles delivered to your office, should you not be at home.

After having completely filled in the forms or after having logged in you get to the bill where possible discounts and shipping costs will be taken into account. To place your order simply click on 'Order'. Now your order and your data will be sent to Pet-Needs ®. The articles you selected will then be sent to you as soon as possible - normally you should get the parcels within 1-4 working days, depending of the country - if all the articles are on stock.


5) Description of how to pay by credit card

When paying by credit card you have to select your credit card organisation (Visa, Master/Eurocard, American Express, Diners Club) and then fill in the card number, die expiry date and the name of the holder of the card as it is printed on the card. These data is sent to Pet-Needs ® together with all the other data through SSL-encryption. By means of this encryption the data cannot be viewed by unauthorized people. We ensure that your data will be handled according to the data protection law and will not be passed on to third persons. We also guarantee that the data will only be used once per order.

To your own security please check your monthly statement of the credit card and in case of possible fraudulent debiting of other companies raise a written objection against the debit.


We hope you enjoy shopping in our shop!


Prices are, unless not stated otherwise, in EURO including VAT and excluding shipping costs. Errors, omissions and changes excepted.

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