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I have registered but I cannot find 'My Pet-Needs', why?

To activate your account you first have to place an order.



What is 'My Pet-Needs'?

Under 'My Pet-Needs' you can check the status of all your orders under 'My orders'. Furthermore you can assess all those products you already purchased under 'Product assessment'.



Why assessing products?

By assessing products you can help other customers, who don't know that specific product yet, because they got their first pet or because they just want to try a new product, with their decision.



How to change My Pet-Needs data?

To change the data of your registration just enter the registration area like a new customer and enter your data using your old e-mail address and password.

To change your e-mail address or password you have to send us an e-mail with the new data and your old e-mail address and password, asking us to change your pass or E-mail address. We will then change your data for you and send you a confirmation e-mail. You will also receive an e-mail to your 'old' address, to make sure that nobody tries to hack your account.

I forgot my password. What should I do?

Please just enter your e-mail address at the login without a password and click on 'Login' You will get an e-mail with your password immediately.

HINT: We will not tell you your password on the phone to prevent account hacking.

We will under no circumstances send you an e-mail asking for any of your data, or ask you to follow some link in an e-mail asking you to enter your data there, because our server had some problem. That kind of mail is called phishing or spoof mail, sent by foreign people trying to steal your data.

We would like you to communicate us such activities immediately by passing that e-mail on to office(a)



Is my personal data secure?

The security of your personal data and the safety of your privacy is our highest priority. We have taken all measures so that you can feel safe when visiting This applies to the payment process as well as to all other data you communicate to Pet-Needs ®, as all data is encrypted with SSL. Furthermore your session will expire after 30 minutes of inactivity. And all cookies of our homepage, within your cache are temporary ones. That means that they will be deleted automatically when closing your browser. When using the Internet Explorer you need to set the security settings to medium.


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